Yancey’s- Smoked Sausages From A BBQ Concession At The Fair

Posted by on February 15, 2017

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fire-icon begin paragraphYancey’s was one of the most alluring bbq concession stands at both the Midsouth Fair and the Delta Fair. They had the pit fired up with stacks of turkey legs and smoke rolling everywhere from their bright red pits. There was also a hot grill front and center, guarded by a fence in front of it, perhaps to prevent anyone from swiping one of those delicious smoked Polish sausages. I’m saying smoked sausages, because I believe they were smoked first, and then grilled to order. They were served on a bun with sautéed peppers and onions and looked too tasty to pass up. I didn’t get the smoked turkey leg because I didn’t want that much meat on that particular night, not realizing how huge one of those smoked sausages would be. Overall, it was very juicy and had some good smokiness. As for ribs, they’ve always run out before I got there.


If I still don’t make it in time for ribs the next time I run into Yancey’s, I will definitely have the smoked turkey leg (although, I’m always tempted by the fried chicken on a stick and bbq nachos too). If you peek into the background of other similar concession booths, you may notice that the box the turkey legs come in often reads, ‘Smoked turkey legs.’ That’s because some actually use turkey legs that come already smoked. They’re usually placed in a pit to warm them back up and breathe a little more smoke into them. The factory wood-smokes them, and the concessionaire simply adds another layer of smoke flavor, while bringing the meat up to temp . These can be good, but I prefer the ones that are taken from the raw state, seasoned and then barbecued from start to finish by the pit-master. The meat is fresher, the smoke is deeper and the flavor, richer. I happen to notice a Yancey’s pit-master loading, what appeared to be raw turkey legs into their smoker. Since I only see their concession every few years, I sometimes kick myself that I still haven’t had one; although, I don’t at all regret having had that yummy smoked sausage either.

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Here are a few notes about the ‘que:


  • Smoked Sausage-Was juicy and nicely contrasted by the sautéed peppers and onions.


  • Smoked Sausage-Had a tasty charcoal smoke flavor, despite the (apparent) absence of wood (I didn’t notice any).

Sauce-The sauce was a standard sweet and tangy bbq sauce, maybe store bought.


People Lined Up For Smoked Meats From Yancey’s Bright Red BBQ Pit

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  1. Angel

    Just bought some Yancy I purchased bbq nachos for ten dollars and the meat was very scarce and fatty. I also purchased a turkey leg and the first one they gave me was really burnt so I asked for another one and they looked at it and apologized and gave me another one which looked fine but it was so tough I could not get to the meat I tossed it.

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