Wolf River BBQ Co. in Moscow, TN

Posted by on March 15, 2017

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Here are a few notes about the ‘que:


  • Ribs-Were sloppy tender, as though they had been parboiled or spent too much time in a foil pouch. Some bark was there, but so was quite a bit of fat covering portions of the ribs. Despite the fact that the ribs fell apart in the middle portions, the ends were quite dry and chewy.


  • Ribs-Were void of smoke flavor. Despite the huge metal pits outside, I just didn’t get any smoke.

Sauce-Instead of being glazed or poured on, the sauce was sort of sloppily brushed through the middle portion of the ribs. I thought the sauce was rather bland, but did provide some slightly sweet tanginess for the otherwise tasteless ribs.

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  1. Daphne Hunt

    Best Barbecue place on this side of Tennessee. Excellent pulled pork sandwiches. Excellent barbecue sauce.

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