Too-Sweet Famous Bar-B-Q Pig Out-Sweet and Smoky Ribs from a Memphis Roadside Pit

Posted by on November 20, 2016

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fire-icon begin paragraphToo-Sweet Famous Bar-B-Q Pig Out was a Memphis roadside pit that I discovered driving along Park Ave a few years back. It was actually in a pawn shop parking lot, there to promote the pawn business. Donning whimsical multi-colored hats and manning a large flame-painted pit under the shade of rainbow


Smoke Rolling from a Huge Pit at Too-Sweet Bar-B-Q Roadside Pit in Memphis

umbrellas, these guys enjoyed a nice day of barbecuing and blasting music from an old 80’s-90’s stereo system. One guy with a microphone even played dj. If the color hadn’t caught my attention, the smoke would’ve anyway. With wood smoke was rolling out everywhere, I stopped to check it out and grab some ‘que. My ribs had a full wood-smoked flavor, maybe a little too much, but the meat was also tender, moist and covered in a nice, crusty bark. The bbq sauce, which was poured over the ribs instead of basted, was both tangy and sweet. But interestingly enough, I didn’t think the sauce was too sweet, as the name implied. If I saw these guys out again, I’d definitely stop by for more of their smoked ribs-rainbow spectrum and all.

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Wood-Smoked Ribs from Too-Sweet Bar-B-Q Roadside Pit in Memphis

Here are a few notes about the ‘que:


  • Ribs-Were tender and moist. They were also covered in a well-seasoned, crusty bark.


  • Ribs-Had full wood smoked flavor, perhaps too much. The meat was slightly bitter from too much smoke, but not to a great degree. I still enjoyed them.

Sauce-The bbq sauce, which was poured on instead of basted, was both tangy and sweet, but interestingly enough, not too sweet, as the name implied.


A Huge Roadside Flame-Covered BBQ Pit in Memphis

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