The Bar-B-Que Pit Branched Off Of Lochamy’s Bar-B-Q in Birmingham-Now Closed

Posted by on July 31, 2016

This Location of The Bar-B-Que Pit Was Closed When I discovered It


The Bar-B-Que Pit in Olive Branch, Ms


fire-icon begin paragraphFounded by Pete and Nancy Lochamy in Birmingham Alabama, Lochamy’s Bar-B-Que has a long family history dating back to the 1950’s according to the restaurant’s brochure. It’s closed now, but a few years ago, it made its way to Olive Branch, Mississippi as the Bar-B-Que-Pit where the original owner’s son decided to open a barbecue restaurant. It was located in a strip mall conveniently just off of interstate 55 at Goodman Road, not far from the state line bordering Memphis. The casual atmosphere was typical for a bbq shop. It was small but cozy. Walls were covered with photos of its patrons. The Bar-B-Que Pit was offering a southern food buffet on the day my son Blake and I went. It looked good, but we we


The Bar-B-Que Pit

re there for the ‘que. I had ribs and Blake had the sandwich, which he needed some help finishing (one of those duties of a dad I did’t at all mind). The ribs were slightly tough for my taste, but good. These ribs also had a pronounced wood-smoked flavor, perhaps even a little ashy. They were well-seasoned, but lacked a nice barbecued outer texture or bark. The sandwich was served Memphis style-piled high with plenty of pork shoulder, served chopped or pulled depending upon the patron’s request and topped with bbq sauce and slaw. The tangy, somewhat sweet sauce complimented the shoulder, which I thought had a more balanced smoky flavor than did the ribs.


After our meal, the owner was excited to show us his concessions trailer out back, which was for sale. He and his staff were all very friendly and helpful. The ‘que had some flaws, but we still enjoyed the experience. My overall impression-The Bar-B-Que-Pit was a nice bar-b-que pit-stop that would satisfy any bbq craving for tender and smoky pork shoulder meat.

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Here are a few notes about the ‘que:


  • Ribs-Slightly tough and lacked crust/bark, but had a well-seasoned flavor.
  • Shoulder-moist and tender.


  • Ribs-very smoky. Maybe even a little acrid.
  • Shoulder-Nice wood smoke flavor.

Sauce-tangy and a little sweet.

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