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  1. Tony Hudspeth

    I have to say anyone that hasn’t tried out Three Little Pigs located at Quince and White Station are missing out on a really great BBQ kept secret in east Memphis. Their BBQ is unreal with taste and bbq to die for! I stop there every time I’m back home! You have to check out Three Little Pigs, you will agree!

  2. scott

    Pig on Beale sucks, ribs were overcooked tasted like carpet with rub on top. Overpriced, $5 if you want sides with your $24 rack of tasty cardboard. Bathroom floor was a pool of piss. I do not recommend

    • Tim Shirley

      Thanks for the input Scott. I’ve had very different experiences there. I had outstanding ribs and shoulder from POB a couple of years ago. I’m curious to go back now and see what has changed. Either it was a bad night, or they changed pit-masters. Either way, thanks for sharing your experience. I’d like to hear more from you-the good, the bad and the ugly.

  3. B-Hog

    Love the website. One a year, my friends and I travel to Memphis to eat at 5 BBQ restaurants. First trip we shared 2 racks of ribs and 2nd trip pulled pork sandwiches.
    The next trip is coming but, but we have decided to go with Bbq restaurant specialties (example bbq nachos, bbq wings, bbq spaghetti, sausage links, Cornish hens, banana puddings, baked beans, etc.)
    So if I could get some help with this, that would be great.

    • Tim Shirley

      My apologies for taking so long to respond. For some reason my comment notifications are not working properly. I designed this site to help guide my fellow bbq adventurers, and this program has provided a nice little stumbling block for me! LOL I’m not a company or anything. Just a guy who loves bbq. So there’s a bit of a learning curve here. Anyway, I can totally help with bbq specialties. My favorite bbq nachos comes from a food truck-Grill Master Chew. You’ll have to look him up on social media sites to see where he’ll be next. He also happens to be my favorite place for rib tips. BBQ spud-Germantown Commissary. BBQ spaghetti-The Barbecue Shop. BBQ pizza-Coletta’s may have invented it, but they no longer smoke the meat. So unless you don’t mind bbq-inspired pizza instead of bbq pizza, it’s worth a stop for a little taste of history-sort of. To really get a taste of the original, when they used to smoke the pork, you’d have to go back in time. Let me know if you figure that one out. 😉 So my favorite bbq pizza-Wood Stock Grocery. If you’re willing to travel out to Oakland, TN, Loven Fresh Barbecue and Bakery is a bakery and bbq shop that now sells bbq pizzas. I really like that place. Best brisket-go to Texas or Kansas City. Beef brisket is not our specialty. Fat Larry’s bbq smokes turkey ribs, although I haven’t had them yet. A Mexican food truck at Winchester and Ross rd in the Exxon parking lot smokes ribs, shoulder, goat, lamb and grills carne asada over mesquite logs. He gets his beef from a local farm in Hickory With. Scotts-Parker BBQ in Lexington, TN between Memphis and Nashville smokes whole hogs and nothing else. Plumpy’s BBQ offers bbq fries and bbq egg rolls. A tropical themed bbq restaurant in Atoka, TN also serves bbq egg rolls. A Mexican restaurant just across the state line in Southaven, MS serves a smoked pork bbq torta. Mac’s burgers serves a burger with smoked pork from a local bbq competition team and topped with a fried egg. Oh goodness… I could go on. If you need more or have any questions, comment back or email me at Also, when you decide to come here, if you give me advanced notice, I’d be glad to meet you guys at a bbq restaurant here. Take Care. Tim Shirley

  4. Tim Shirley

    I left out a couple guys. Cozy Corner for Cornish hens. You might consider KC’s Southern Fried Rice, who offers smoked rib tip rice. But fair warning-the rib tips I had were inundated with the flavor of charcoal fluid. Both Germantown Commissary and One and Only BBQ for both banana pudding and deviled eggs. I rarely order smoked sausages (though I love to smoke ’em at home), but the 10 or 20 places I’ve had them did not impress me. You’re better off in Texas for smoked sausages, where they’re often ground and stuffed in house. Many restaurants have good baked beans, but I’m partial to the ones at Interstate bbq, where I dip some of my rib meat in it, mixed with the sauce. Happy bbq hunting! Tim Shirley

  5. Thomas O'Brien

    I recently visited The Bar B Q Shop on Madison with my Grandson for his birthday dinner. We ordered so much food it was ridiculous! There was no way we are going to finish our plates but that is what to-go boxes are for.
    We started with the Sausage/ Bologna Combo cheese plate.
    The plate was quite expensive for what we got but decent. Both meats were served slathered in a tasty mild sauce. The sausage was good, the bologna over cooked and dry. A few cubes of cheddar cheese, pepperoncini and Saltines rounded out the plate.
    My Grandson opted for the Brisket sandwich, I chose chopped pork both on Texas toast. His Brisket was reported as good. My sandwich was a bit dry. I thought the Texas toast sounded like a good option but I think I would go with a traditional bun next time.
    Ribs were ordered dry and the seasoning was just right. Not over powering and you got a slight smoke flavor. Tenderness was perfect. A bite was just that. Your bite came clean and easy but the meat did not fall off the bone. I hate when that happens. By the time you finished a rib it was, well it was clean as a bone.
    Two sauces are served at the table. The mild is a tasty tomato base, not too sweet and is very good overall. The hot is truly HOT! Thick and spicy to the core. I loved it but I’m a chili head, maybe to hot for some.
    I’ll be back. I want those ribs again!

    • Tim Shirley

      I’ll be posting notes and photos for The Bar-B-Q Shop soon, but here’s a sneak preview. I’ve had great ribs there and I can go either way on the texas toast/bun choice for the sandwich. I have to disagree about their Dancing Pigs bbq sauce. I find it to be rather bland. It does, however, work perfectly with their bbq spaghetti because it is mixed with their smoked spaghetti sauce. I’ve always liked the bbq spaghetti there better than the bbq spaghetti at Neely’s BBQ, even though it’s usually a little greasy because the spaghetti sauce is placed in the pit with the meat to catch some smoke AND meat drippings. I love it. Thanks for your input again Thomas. I like to read about bbq experiences other than my own.

  6. Tim Shirley

    Tim here from The Pit, Fire and Smoke Memphis BBQ Guide. I’m interested in your comments. Be the first to place your review!

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