Pete & Sam’s Fantastic BBQ Pizza

Posted by on April 13, 2017

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Here are a few notes about the ‘que:


  • Shoulder-The pork shoulder, which was generously piled onto the bbq pizza, was moist and tender, with crispy portions of bark from the outer crust of the meat.


  • Shoulder-The pork shoulder is smoked in-house at Pete & Sam’s and was full of really aromatic and savory smoke flavor, which complimented the cheesy handmade pizza.

Sauce-The barbecue sauce was a tasty sweet and tangy sauce and the red sauce provided that naturally sweet tomato base that we all expect on a pizza.

Crust-The crust was very thin and crispy, but still slightly spongy in the interior, so that a slice drooped a little when held horizontally, just like the pizza I’ve enjoyed in New York City. Each slice provided some cracker-like crunch on the exterior bite, but didn’t break apart like some “cracker” style pizzas, because of the spongy center.

Cheese-Mozzarella was used for that gooey stretch I expect in pizza, and cheddar was also blended in for some sharp flavor. It’s one of my favorite cheese blends on a pizza. I got the impression that premium ingredients were being used, because the cheeses and really all the toppings and sauces on the pizza were so full of flavor and all the textures worked together beautifully.

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