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Tennesseans love to escape to far away exotic destinations for a taste of what we don’t have here-beaches, palms and magical ocean sunsets. But tucked away in the Tennessee woodlands, the Paradise Grill is bringin’ the beach to us. And what could be better than the beach? How about BBQ on the beach? Even better, how about bbq and tropical cocktails on the beach? So it’s not a real beach. But follow their smokin’ pits and fruity libations to your

Smoked Ribs at Paradise Grill in Atoka, TN

Smoked Ribs at Paradise Grill in Atoka, TN

tropical getaway just thirty minutes outside of Memphis and enjoy a margarita or mai tai with some of their wood-smoked ‘que. You just might forget your not at a real beach. A slab of smoked ribs, bbq tacos or even…oooh yeah, bbq cheese fries will make you crave more of their paradise barbecue. I think we ate half the menu while we were there, but the bbq egg roll was the one thing that we didn’t get. Since the sign out front declares that Paradise Grill is the Home of the BBQ Egg Roll, we’re eager to make our way back. Our server also told us that Paradise Grill has an outstanding burger. Even more reason for a return. But truly, I’d go back just for the beachside barbecue!

Check back for the full review. Also, stay tuned for my article on the what was formerly Post Office BBQ at this location, as well as it’s original location in an actual post office. Until then, check out my Quick-Fire Guide below as well as full reviews of other bbq restaurants from my BBQ Guide.

fire icon10Quick-Fire Guide:

Here are a few notes about the ‘que:


  • Ribs-Some of my ribs were ideally tender by bbq competition standards (the meat easily pulled away from the

    Paradise in Tennesee

    bone, but the rest of the meat remained intact), but some of my ribs were fall-off-the-bone tender (while attempting to take one bite, all of the meat on the bone fell off), too tender by bbq competition standards.

  • Shoulder-was tender and juicy in the bbq sandwich, bbq taco and bbq cheese fries
  • Smoked Wings-were tender, but had a nice crust on the exterior.


  • Ribs-had wonderfully balanced wood smoke flavor.
  • Shoulder- had wonderfully balanced wood smoke flavor in the bbq sandwich, bbq taco and bbq cheese fries
  • Smoked Wings-had good smoke flavor.

Sauce-was a very flavorful balance of sweet-n-sticky and tangy. There was also a delicious sweet-heat sauce available among others.

Slaw-was a crunchy mayo-based slaw that worked well with the bbq.

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Paradise Grill in Atoka, TN

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