Memphis’ Best BBQ-BBQ So Good, It Pulled Over a Bus

Posted by on February 22, 2016

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Driving home in the fall of 2015, I passed this huge smokin’ pit on a trailer hitched to a pick-up truck in a parking lot on 3rd street. It’s nearly impossible for me to resist the urge to stop when I see one, so there I went. When I got out, a man was stokin’ his fire with wood, smoke was rolling and people were gathering. After I ordered a bbq sandwich with sauce and slaw I took a few pictures and waited my turn. In no time, the pit-master had pulled meat right off his smoky pit, made

A Smoking Roadside Pit Called Memphis' Best BBQ

Memphis Mike and his Smoking Roadside Pit, Memphis’ Best BBQ

my sandwich and a just few bucks later, I had my ‘que. I eagerly hopped into my truck and opened my foil package, where I unveiled a deliciously sloppy and beautifully crafted bbq sandwich. After the just one bite, I noticed that it embodied everything I want in a smoked pork sandwich-tender, smoky meat with crispy bits of bark mixed throughout, complimented by a sweet and tangy sauce and slaw.


A Real BBQ Meatball

After discovering how much I liked the barbecue, I decided to get back out of my truck to ask a few questions. The pit-master was Memphis Mike with his roadside pit business, called Memphis’ Best BBQ. And as you may know, Memphis is full of uniquely delicious bbq creations, such as bbq nachos, bbq spaghetti, bbq spuds, bbq pizza and so on. Memphis Mike brought me a sample of his own bbq creation,

A Smoked Pork BBQ Sandwich From the Memphis' Best BBQ Roadside Pit

A BBQ Sandwich From the Memphis’ Best BBQ Roadside Pit

and one that I am craving right now even as I’m typing-a smoked pork shoulder meat ball. This gives a whole new meaning to bbq meatball. Not one of those appetizers you’ve had at boring office parties, a simple ground beef meatball plunged in a Crock Pot full of bbq sauce. This was a real bbq meatball. It worked. And not only did it work, it was really good. The meatball was formed of shredded, smoked pork shoulder and smoked until crunchy on the outside and tender in the center. I was describing what I liked about the bbq meatball and how the sauce complimented it when it happened. I couldn’t believe it happened, but it did. A bus driver actually pulled over and made everyone on the bus wait, while he stood in line for a few minutes to get his bbq. I wanted to laugh. I couldn’t believe he actually did it. So there you have it-bbq so good, it pulled over a bus! If you don’t believe me, just look at my picture below.

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Here are a few notes about the ‘que:


  • Shoulder-was tender and moist, but not mushy.

    A bus Driver Pulls Over For BBQ From Memphis' Best BBQ Roadside Pit

    A Bus Driver Pulls Over For BBQ From Memphis’ Best BBQ Roadside Pit, While Passengers Wait On The Bus


  • Shoulder-had great wood-smoke flavor

Sauce-sweet and tangy style. It complimented the pork shoulder sandwich and the bbq pork shoulder meatball.

Slaw-was a slightly crunchy, slightly sweet and tangy slaw that complimented the smoked pork.


Thanks for visiting my Memphis bbq blog! Now that I’ve filled you’re mind with bbq delights, I’d like to know what you think. Feel free to comment below. Tim Shirley

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2 Responses to Memphis’ Best BBQ-BBQ So Good, It Pulled Over a Bus

  1. Thomas

    Man that meatball looks tempting. Can you give more detail about the location?

    • Tim Shirley

      Hi Thomas. You have to look him up on Facebook to see where he’ll be next. It was on 3rd St, near the flea market. I don’t know if the meatballs have made his permanent menu yet. You can send him a message on Facebook asking, or I’ll be glad to if you like.

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