J & C Fine Dining-Chicago Style Rib Tips and Fries

Posted by on April 21, 2016

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Chicago-Style Rib Tips and Fries From J & C Fine Dining in Memphis

fire-icon begin paragraphOwned and operated by a Chicagoan, J & C Fine Dining offered imperfect, albeit tasty Chicago-style rib tips and fries. This delectable smoked treat is known from the Windy City for the smoked rib tips, but then also the fries, which are used to sop up the meaty juices and sauce left behind from the meat. My favorite way to get them is when the rib tips are served on a bed of fries, so that all of those meaty juices seep down into the fries with the sauce. When your done with the rib tips, you’re actually not done, because you get all those wonderfully coated fries. My rib tips from J & C were slightly tough and slightly bitter on the wood smoke. Getting them inside, felt like a bank transaction, which took place through a window slot. Despite the imperfections and the ordering experience, the tips and fries were enjoyable. But since smoked rib tips can be found all over Memphis, it would be easy enough to get Chicago-style rib tips, by simply asking for them to be placed over a bed of fries, then topped with the bbq sauce. You can thank me for the idea later.

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J & C Fine Dining-Chicago Style BBQ in Raleigh, Memphis

Here are a few notes about the ‘que:


  • Rib Tips-Were slightly tough, but palatable.


  • Rib Tips-Were a bit over-smoked. Or perhaps the fire smoldered, creating a “dirty” smoke full of creosote. In other words, they had a slightly bitter, ashy taste, but not so bad that I couldn’t enjoy them with the sauce and fries.

Sauce-sweet and tangy style.


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