D’bo’s Wings-n-Things/Big Un’s Hickory Smoked BBQ-Now Closed

Posted by on November 20, 2016

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fire-icon begin paragraphFor years as we picked up our hot wings from D’Bo’s, we also ordered a few of the “bbq” wings, which were really not barbecued, just fried and tossed in bbq sauce. But I always thought they really had a flavorful bbq sauce that could be awesome on smoked ribs or pork shoulder. My wish came true, but for a brief period, when

Dbo's Wings -n- Things/Big Un's Hickory Smoked BBQ

Dbo’s Wings -n- Things/Big Un’s Hickory Smoked BBQ

the D’Bo’s on Germantown parkway began selling a smoked pork shoulder sandwich by way of Big Un’s BBQ. Big Un’s BBQ supplied the smoked pork and D’Bo’s put together an awesome sandwich. I enquired if Big Un’s BBQ was a competition team, but the cashier could only answer, “I think so.” I was actually impressed by the sandwich, despite the artisanal bread roll. Typically in Memphis, the bun is a simple burger bun-a vehicle to support the meat, sauce and slaw and shouldn’t distract from the sandwich. In this case, the designer bun didn’t take away from the smoked pork, which was still the star of the show. Unfortunately, that D’Bo’s closed and the others aren’t serving the bbq. The next time I stop in one of the other stores for hot wings, I may just buy some of that bbq sauce to glaze onto my own ribs.

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Here are a few notes about the ‘que:


  • Shoulder-Was moist and tender. It also had a decnt amount of crusty bark mixed in.


  • Shoulder-Had a flavorfully balanced wood-smoke flavor.

Sauce-Had balanced sweetness. I found to overall flavor addictive.

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Dbo's Wings -n- Things/Big Un's Hickory Smoked BBQ

Dbo’s Wings -n- Things/Big Un’s Hickory Smoked BBQ

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