Big Bill Bar-B-Que – Little BBQ Joint, Big Bill Flavors

Posted by on March 6, 2015


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fire-icon begin paragraphOn Elvis Presley Blvd, just half a mile from Graceland, I came across a small bbq joint with big flavors-Big Bill flavors that is, at BIG BILL BAR-B-Q. The atmosphere was simple, but unique. Pictures of Rufus Thomas, Elvis Presley and B. B. King served as wall décor. And if barbecue has its leaders, Big Bill is certainly one of them. Not because he has won bbq competitions or touts trophies and medals, or because he has a TV show or cooking school. But simply because in a world of new school, he’s still old school. Big Bill Bar-B-Q just cranks out addictive, old-school barbecue, day in and day out. He needed no claim to fame because the ‘que spoke for itself. My taste buds were  glad I listened, because my palette was rewarded with smoky, tender pork ribs. I couldn’t find anything at all wrong with these ribs.  They were perfectly tender, brilliantly smoky ribs with a nice well-seasoned crust and a sweet-n-tangy sauce that complimented the meat. In one visit Big Bill Bar-B-Q went from a place new to me, to one of my favorite bbq discoveries in town for old-school barbecued ribs.  Also on the menu was all of the typical Memphis bbq fare: barbecue (smoked pork shoulder),bbq bologna, bbq nachos, fried catfish, southern style tamales and the like. On my visit I also happened to see a colleague from work, who was actually out on maternity leave. When those cravings came, mom knew right where to go. No chance of me gettin’ pregnant (thankfully), but that old time backyard bbq flavor is one that I crave, and I think Big Bill Bar-B-Q is one of the best places in Memphis to get it.


Rib Sandwich at Big Bill Bar-B-Que


The Ribs On My Rib Sandwich From Big Bill BBQ Were Smoky, Tender and Juicy, As I Demonstrate Here

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  1. BettyOrtega

    Wow!This restaurant is really good.I have read a lot about it on a I have always wanted to go to this restaurant but couldn’t due to the distance.

  2. james

    Interesting blog thanks for sharing this information with us..

  3. Thomas O'Brien

    Can you post a link to your blog?
    I can’t find it with Google search.

  4. AGGIE

    Hello I am AGGIE, A lover of BIG BILLS BBQ since March 2011. The day I walked out of the bank and smelled the aroma and had to find where it was coming from. I did and that is where i had lunch. I have a “”MEMPHIS TENNESSEE IS THE BOMB”” page on facebook and I Feature your place in there often. I just opened a blogger and would like to feature you in there to if that is ok. You can join to comment, or post yourself. and your followers can join as well. it is called “”GREAT SOUTHERN COOKS”” BLOGGER. I just opened it today so we are busy setting it up. Would love to see you there.

    • Tim Shirley

      Thanks for your support Aggie. I would love to guest post on your blog. If you’ll copy and paste the website address link here I’d like to check it out. Feel free to post a link of my Big Bill BBQ article on your blog and Facebook page as well. Take Care.

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