Beignet Café – “New Orleans Soul & Memphis Blues”

Posted by on February 1, 2016

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Beignet Café (now Double J Smokehouse) was a unique fusion of New Orleans and Memphis right in the heart of the downtown Civil Rights Museum district. The oldest restaurant in Memphis, the Arcade was nearby. You can actually find both cajun cuisine and Memphis bar-b-q in just about every joint on Beale St. But Beignet Café had a certain bit of class about it and more authenticity with regard to the New Orleans fare. The loft seating, the Mardi Gras décor and the smell of smoke made this a really cool place to hang out. One of the servers told me that the owner was from Louisiana. I’d planned to go back for cajun, but for some reason, they closed their doors before I made it back. I liked the smoky, tender ribs and sweet-n-spicy sauce, but it seems I missed out on the fried catfish. I hated to see ’em go.

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Here are a few notes about the ‘que:


  • Ribs-Perfectly tender

    New Orleans + Memphis=Godd Eatin’!



  • Ribs-Wonderful wood smoke flavor.

Sauce-Sweet and tangy with a little kick.

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