Becky Sue’s BBQ – “Under The Table” BBQ at the Fair

Posted by on February 1, 2016

fire icon10The Delta Fair is a family friendly event held annually at the Agri-Center in the Cordova area of Memphis near Germantown, TN. For our family part of the fun at the fair is getting fair food. I mean, how often do you get funnel cakes, deep-fried candy bars, pronto pups and you bet, smoked turkey legs! Any barbecued goodie is free game for me. This time I was looking for ribs and bbq nachos. Becky Sue’s Bar-B-Que concession out of Collierville, TN was only offering smoked shoulder, but Becky had some leftover ribs they’d smoked up for themselves that she was willing to sell me. As it turned out, Becky Sue’s BBQ is not only a concession, but a bbq competition team. So after agreeing upon a price, I eagerly purchased my ribs from her and we bought Angelica a bed of bbq nachos, which we shared as well. The ribs had a nice bark and came with a great sweet and tangy sauce. Although the ribs were a just little tough and slightly over-smoked, I still enjoyed them.  Besides, buying bbq “under the table” was actually kind of fun. The bbq nachos on the other hand were outstanding. They were-smoky, saucy, cheesy, crunchy, meaty and addictive-everything we love about ‘em. Ribs-one thumb up. Bbq nachos-two thumbs up!


fire icon10Quick-Fire Guide:

Here are a few notes about the ‘que:


  • Ribs-A little tough for my taste.
  • Shoulder-The smoked pork shoulder on the bbq nachos was tender.


  • Ribs-Slightly too much smoke and therefore a little bitter.
  • Shoulder-a nice, balanced wood smoke flavor was present in the shoulder.

Sauce-sweet and tangy-complimented the barbecue

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