Things Smoked and Grilled or BBQ Inspired at Restaurants, Butcher Shops, Grocery Stores, Etc.

Things Smoked and Grilled or BBQ Inspired at Other Restaurants

  1. Canale’s Grocery-(pit charcoal-smoked ham)
  2. Coletta’s Italian Restaurant (bbq pizza-Appling Rd. location)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  3. Coletta’s Italian Restaurant (bbq pizza-S. Parkway location)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  4. Coursey’s Smokehouse (wood-smoked bacon-St. Joe, AR)
  5. Hog and Hominy (oak wood-fired oven pizzas, smoked foods)
  6. Rod’s Pizza House (smoked beef pepperoni-Hot Springs, AR)
  7. The Butcher Shop (steakhouse where you can grill your own steak)
  8. Uncle Lou’s Fried Chicken (smoked sausage at a Memphis Tiger’s game at the Liberty Bowl)
  9. Weldon’s Meat Market-(Hot Springs, AR-wood-smoked ham)

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