Wood Yard Bar-B-Que

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Notes: Wood Yard Bar-B-Que in Kansas City, Kansas was an old wood yard supplier for many of the bbq joints until they decided to open their own. Now, they’re smokin’ the competition-which just happens to be their customers! Wood Yard Bar-B-Que was one of two of our favorite bbq spots in KC. It’s Pit-Master’s Paradise. The ribs were outstanding, smoky, crusty, tender, juicy, “dry” ribs. The smoked beef brisket chili was the best chili I’ve ever put in my mouth. But I don’t need to say too much more. “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and these tell a smoky story.

*If you’ve been to Wood Yard Bar-B-Que, drop off a comment below to let the world of fellow bbq connoisseurs know what you thought.

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