Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue in Kansas City, KS

Check out my brief notes on Fiorella’s Jack Stack below the photos.

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Here are my brief notes for the smoky, tender beef “burnt” ends that my family had in 2011 at Fiorella’s Jack Stack in Kansas City:

  • Smoky-Great wood-smoked flavor. Notice the pink smoke ring on the meat.
  • Tender-Easily pulled apart. Succulent, not dry.
  • Bark-They had a savory, crusty exterior, which provided a nice contrast in texture with the tender, juicy interior.
  • “Beefy”-these beef brisket “burnt” ends actually tasted like beef, not soy sauce, or pineapple juice, or some other marinade.
  • Sauce-the sauce was a nice balance of savory, sweet, salty, tangy and spicy. As with other KC bbq sauces I had, this one was quite tomato-y. All of which complimented the meat. I liked that it was served separately so that I could control the sauce-to-meat ratio, without covering up that smoky beef flavor with sauce.


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