Arthur Bryant’s Barbecue

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Notes: On our family trip to Kansas City, Arthur Bryant’s Barbecue was at the top of my list. Henry Perry, Arthur Bryant’s predecessor, has been credited with spawning the bbq boom in Kansas City (FYI-He moved there from Shelby County Tennessee, where Memphis resides. I’m just Sayin’). Since we had a laundry list of bbq joints from which to gorge our faces, we had to limit our intake from each place. Although Arthur Bryant’s Barbecue is known for their “burnt ends,” I really wanted to compare their ribs to Memphis’. To summarize what we experienced:

  • The meat was tender and well seasoned.
  • We didn’t care for the flavor of the sauce.
  • The meat was over-smoked and therefore bitter, acrid.

I’d like to take another trip for Arthur Bryant’s “burnt ends,” the mouth-watering bite-sized, crusty outside edge pieces of smoked beef brisket. As for the ribs-could’ve been a bad day. Sauces are just condiments.

*If you’ve been to Arthur Bryant’s Barbecue, post a comment below to tell the world of fellow bbq gurus what you thought.

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