Barb-A-Rosa’s BBQ-Nuked Ribs, Great Sauce

Posted by on February 1, 2016

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fire icon10Millington is about ten to fifteen minutes from Memphis and has its own little bbq scene, influenced by its big brother of course. Barbarosa BBQ with its small town, country atmosphere was located on one of the main streets that run through town in what is now Smokin’ D’s BBQ. If you’re more into interesting sauces than you are the smoky flavor of the meat itself, you may very well have liked this place. Many sauces have a combination of sweetness and tanginess, but the ratio this one had was just the balance I like. I also noticed some smoke flavor, perhaps from liquid smoke. But when the teenage girl took my order of ribs from a refrigerator behind the counter and popped them into the microwave, I worried just a little. Serving meat cooked the day prior then reheated was fine by me, if it’s reheated on the grill or in a smoker, although my preference is always fresh off the pit. It’s one thing to reheat leftovers this way at home, but nuked ribs in a restaurant? Come On! It was just unacceptable coming from a restaurant-at least that was my impression then. Since that experience I’ve actually had microwave reheated ribs that still had some good smoke flavor from the previous day. I still don’t prefer it, but I understand that restaurants need to reduce food waste costs. But in this case, the meat had no smoke flavor and absolutely no seasoned outer crust (or bark). The best that I can say about the ribs I had there that day is that the sauce was quite exceptional, perhaps even one of the best I’ve had, and the meat tender. Again, if the sauce makes the bbq for you then Barbarosa BBQ might have been an enjoyable bbq experience for you. But for me, they needed to bring on the real smoke. I wouldn’t mind knowing that sauce recipe though.


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Barb-A-Rosa BBQ in Millington, TN

Here are a few notes about the ‘que:


  • Ribs-The ribs were tender, but lacked any crust/bark.


  • Ribs-The ribs lacked smoke flavor in the meat itself.

Sauce-Probably one of the best sauces I’ve had. A perfect balance of sweetness with tanginess for my taste. I recall that some smoke flavor was present in the sauce.

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  1. Thomas

    Hello Tim,
    A few years ago my Granddaughter and I were heading out to the Naval Airshow in Millington and I told her I wanted to stop on the way and try a new barbecue joint. That was to be Woodstock Store and Deli.
    The moment I pulled into the parking lot at Woodstock Store I could see in this teenage girls face ” There is now way in hell I’m going in there to eat!” I laugh and just back out of the lot and say okay there is another joint on the way we will try it.
    That would be Barb-A -Rosa’s BBQ. We both agreed that it was probably the worst Q we have ever tasted. We had the sandwiches, no ribs but in my opinion you never, never! put a rib in a microwave!
    A couple of weeks later I take my Grandson and we head out for Woodstock Store and Deli. I pull into the parking lot and he says “I’m for it.” Later we tell my Granddaughter about our sandwiches and show her photos. She was so envious and said ” Maybe I should learn to eat at the dives like you Pa Paw.”
    Oh I am craving a Woodstock sandwich now!

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