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fire icon10Hi, I’m Tim Shirley. I’m a Memphis barbecue judge, barbecue enthusiast and barbecue dad. Join me on my journey as we eat our way through Memphis barbecue, until there are none left to discover! We’ll find the best bbq in the Memphis tri-state area and beyond and learn more about the art and craft of barbecue in the process. See photos and read reviews as I add weekly articles about my experiences at over 280 bbq joints, concessions and roadside pits-over 220 from the Memphis tri-state area alone. Just scroll down the list and click on the highlighted barbecue places to begin your journey!

YOU BE THE BBQ JUDGE! Don’t forget my BBQ Reader Reviews and Forum page to let me know of your favorite bbq joint anywhere on the planet!

Judging at the “World’s Oldest BBQ Contest” in Covington, TN


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My BBQ Travels by Region (Total 284)

Memphis Tri-State Area (225)

  1. 4 Sho BBQ and Hot WingsQuick-Fire Guidefire icon10closed
  2. 10 Bones BBQ (Southaven, MS) closed
  3. A & R BBQ (3rd St)Full Reviewfire icon10 closed
  4. A & R BBQ (Elvis Presley Blvd)Full Reviewfire icon10
  5. A & R BBQ (Hickory Hill)Full Reviewfire icon10
  6. A & R BBQ (Ramill Rd)Full Reviewfire icon10 closed
  7. A & R BBQ (Stage Rd)Full Reviewfire icon10 closed
  8. A Taste of Tennessee BBQ (food truck)
  9. Abe’s Bar-B-Q (Clarksdale, MS)
  10. Alex’s Tavern
  11. Alfred’s (Beale St)Full Reviewfire icon10
  12. Alton’s BBQ (Memphis Zoo) closed
  13. Arlington Bar-B-Que Company (Arlington, TN)
  14. Arnold’s BBQ-Full Reviewfire icon10
  15. Babalu
  16. Baby Jack’s BBQ (Bartlett, TN)
  17. Backyard BBQ (Brownsville, TN)
  18. Barbarosa’s B-B-Q & RIBS (Millington, TN)-Full Reviewfire icon10closed
  19. Bar-B-Cutie closed in Memphis
  20. Becky Sue’s Bar-B-Que (concession)Full Reviewfire icon10
  21. Bedrock Market & Café (paleo diet-themed)
  22. Beehive Restaurant (bbq and soul food)
  23. Beignet Café-Full Reviewfire icon10closed
  24. Benny Bob’s Barbecue (Blytheville, AR)
  25. Big Bill Bar-B-QueFull Reviewfire icon10
  26. Big Guns Pit BBQ (Food Truck)Full Reviewfire icon10
  27. Billings Bald Butcher (Covington, TN)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  28. Blues City Café (Beale St)Full Reviewfire icon10
  29. Bob’s Country BBQ
  30. Boss Hog BBQ (Southaven, MS)Full Reviewfire icon10closed
  31. Boss Man Pit StopFull Reviewfire icon10
  32. Bozo’s Pit BBQ (Mason, TN)Full Reviewfire icon10
  33. Brad’s BAR-B-Q (Bartlett, TN)Full Reviewfire icon10
  34. Brad’s BBQ (Moscow, TN)Full Reviewfire icon10
  35. Brad’s Pit BBQ (Oakland, TN)Full Reviewfire icon10
  36. C & J Bar-B-QueFull Reviewfire icon10
  37. Captain John’s Hot Pit Bar-B-Q (Collierville, TN)Full Reviewfire icon10
  38. Cate’s Family Meats (concession)Full Reviewfire icon10closed
  39. Central BBQ (Central Ave)Full Reviewfire icon10
  40. Central BBQ (Downtown Memphis)
  41. Cheers of Millington/Adam Bullock BBQ (Millington, TN)Full Reviewfire icon10
  42. Central BBQ (Summer Ave)Full Reviewfire icon10
  43. Chef TNT BBQ (Food Truck)
  44. Chef’s Downtown Wings & More (bbq on Fri.)-Full Reviewfire icon10
  45. Chicago’Z (Chicago style rib tips and fries)-Full Reviewfire icon10closed
  46. Cisco’s Kid Chicken Co. (Bartlett, TN)
  47. ¡Chiwawa! (smoked brisket tacos) closed
  48. Coach’s Grillz & Bar-B-QueFull Reviewfire icon10
  49. Coleman’s Pit BBQ (Hernando, MS)Full Reviewfire icon10
  50. Coleman’s Pit BBQ (Millbranch Rd)Full Reviewfire icon10
  51. Corky’s Ribs and BBQ (Germantown Pkwy)Full Reviewfire icon10
  52. Corky’s Ribs and BBQ (Poplar Ave)Full Reviewfire icon10
  53. Corky’s Ribs and BBQ (Inside Germantown Kroger)Full Reviewfire icon10
  54. Corned Beef House (bbq on Sat)Full Reviewfire icon10closed
  55. Country Café (Whiteville, TN)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  56. Cozy Corner BBQFull Reviewfire icon10
  57. Crutchfield’s B-B-Q
  58. D’Bo’s Hot Wings/Big Un’s BBQ (Germantown Parkway, Cordova) closedFull Reviewfire icon10
  59. Dixie Pig (Blytheville, AR)
  60. Double J Smokehouse and Saloon (Civil Rights Museum District)
  61. Dr. Bar-B-Q (food truck)
  62. El Gallo Colorado “The Red Rooster” (A Mexican Food Truck in Memphis Smokes and Grills Meats)
  63. Elwood’s Shack
  64. Erwin’s Pit-Roasted Meats (Covington, TN)
  65. Family BAR•B•Q and Snack BarFull Reviewfire icon10
  66. Fat Larry’s BBQ (Bartlett, TN)Full Reviewfire icon10
  67. Fillin Station Grille (Southaven, MS)
  68. Flynn’s Restaurant & Bar (Beale St.)
  69. Gene’s Bar-B-Que (Brinkley, AR)
  70. Germantown Commissary (Germantown, TN)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  71. Gilt Edge Café (Gilt Edge, TN)Full Reviewfire icon10
  72. Granny’s MarketQuick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  73. Gridley’s BBQ (Stage Rd, Bartlett, TN)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  74. Gridley’s BBQ (Winchester Rd)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  75. Grill Master Chew (Food Truck-Best Bbq Nachos, Best Rib Tips!)Full Reviewfire icon10
  76. Helen’s Bar-B-Q (Brownsville, TN)Full Reviewfire icon10
  77. High Point Pizza (bbq pizza)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  78. Hog Wild BBQ (concession/catering)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  79. Interstate Bar-B-Que (3rd St)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  80. Interstate Bar-B-Que (Southaven, MS)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  81. Isaac Hayes closed
  82. J & C Fine Dining (Chicago-style bbq rib tips and fries)closedFull Reviewfire icon10
  83. Jack’s Bar-B-Q Rib ShackclosedFull Reviewfire icon10
  84. Jack’s Creek Bar-B-Que (Jacks Creek, TN)
  85. Jerry Lawler Hall of Fame Restaurant (Beale St.)
  86. Jerry Lee Lewis’ Café & Honky Tonk (Beale St.)
  87. Jim N Nick’s BBQ
  88. Jones’ Bar-B-Q Diner (Marianna, AR)
  89. KC’s Southern Style Rice (smoked rib tips from a concessions trailer)
  90. Kelvin’s Bar-B-Q On Wheels (food truck)
  91. Kelvin’s Hot Wings (Later called  Hibbler’s-Cordova, TN) closed
  92. King DJ’s (a welder’s concession)
  93. King Jerry Lawler’s BBQ (Cordova, TN)
  94. King Of Kings Bar-B-Que (food truck)
  95. King’s Palace Café (Beale St.)
  96. Ken Neely’s Hickory BBQQuick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  97. Kream Kastle (Blytheville, AR)
  98. L & L Bar-B-Q and Sports BarclosedFull Reviewfire icon10
  99. L & M BBQclosedQuick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  100. Latham’s Meat Co. (Jackson, TN)
  101. Leonard’s Pit BBQ (Fox Plaza Dr)Full Reviewfire icon10
  102. Leonard’s Pit BBQ (Main St.-Downtown) closedFull Reviewfire icon10
  103. Little Porky’s BBQ (Covington, TN)
  104. Loven Fresh Baking Company and Smokehouse Barbecue (Oakland, TN)Full Reviewfire icon10
  105. Luchessi’s Ravioli & Pasta Co. (bbq pizza and Benton’s Smoky Mountain Bacon)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  106. Mac’s Burgers (a burger with smoked pork shoulder)
  107. Macon Country Store
  108. Malia’s (roadside bbq shack)-Full Reviewfire icon10
  109. Maria’s Cantina (Southaven, MS)
  110. Marlowe’s Ribs & RestaurantQuick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  111. McBride’s Grocery Real Pit Bar-B-Que (Somerville, TN)Full Reviewfire icon10
  112. Mean Gene’s BBQ (Drummonds, TN)
  113. Memphis Barbecue Co. (Horn Lake, MS)-Full Reviewfire icon10
  114. Memphis’ Best BBQ (roadside pit)Full Reviewfire icon10
  115. Millington Pig (Pig On Beale-Millington)closed-Full Reviewfire icon10
  116. Moma’s B-B-Q (Bartlett, TN)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  117. Morris Grocery, BBQ and Deli-Full Reviewfire icon10
  118. Mr. Bar-B-Que (Food Truck)
  119. Mr. BBQ (Covington, TN)
  120. Natural Born Grillers (Southaven, MS)closed-Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  121. Neely’s Barbecue (Jefferson Ave)closed-Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  122. Neely’s Barbecue (Mt. Moriah)closed-Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  123. Neely’s Interstate Bar-B-Que (Winchester Rd.)-Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  124. Neil’s Bar and Grill
  125. Old School BBQ (concession)
  126. Old Timers (Millington, TN)Full Reviewfire icon10
  127. Old-Style BBQ (Olive Branch, MS)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  128. One and Only BBQ (Kirby and Whitten)
  129. One and Only BBQ (Perkins Extended)
  130. Orange Mound GrillQuick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  131. PC BBQ (Golf Range) closed
  132. Papa Chuck’s BBQ (concession)
  133. Pappy John’s (Selmer, TN)Full Reviewfire icon10
  134. Paradise Grill (Atoka, TN)-Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  135. Patrick’s-mesquite-smoked pork ribs-Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  136. Payne’s BAR•B•Q (Lamar Ave)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  137. Pete and Sam’s (bbq pizza)
  138. Pig Out Barbeque & Smokehouse (Nesbit, MS) closedQuick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  139. Pig-N-Whistle BBQ (Bartlett, TN) relocated to Millington, TN-Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  140. Plumpy’s BBQ
  141. Pollard’s BBQ (New location on Elvis Presley Blvd since Restaurant Impossible)
  142. Pollard’s BBQ (Original Boenshire location)
  143. Pop’s Smokehouse BBQ & Catering (food truck)-Full Reviewfire icon10
  144. Post Office BBQ (Tipton, TN) closed
  145. Quincy’s BBQ (food truck-Shelby Farms)
  146. Rafferty’s (Germantown Pkwy)Full Reviewfire icon10
  147. Ray’s World Famous BBQ (West Memphis, AR)Full Reviewfire icon10
  148. Ray’z Bar-B-Que (AKA Dr. Bar-B-Q)
  149. Reese’s Bar-B-QQuick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  150. Reggie’s BBQ closedin Memphis
  151. Rendezvous Charcoal Ribs and BBQFull Reviewfire icon10
  152. Rendezvous at Autozone Park closed
  153. Rendezvous at FedEx Forum
  154. Rice Burner (Food Truck)
  155. Risner’s Steakhouse (Selmer, TN)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  156. River City Bar-B-QclosedQuick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  157. Roadside Bar-B-Q (Proctor, AR)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  158. Roxy’s Grocery (rib sandwich)
  159. Rum Boogie Café (Beale St.)
  160. Sam’s Down South BBQ and Hot-wingsclosedQuick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  161. Schweinehaus (Overton Square)
  162. Scooter’s BBQ (concession/roadside)
  163. Scott’s-Parker BBQ (Lexington, TN)Full Reviewfire icon10
  164. Showboat BarbecueQuick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  165. Sidecar Café
  166. Silky O’ Sullivan’s (Beale St.)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  167. Skipper’s Catfish and BBQ (Southaven, MS)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  168. Slap Yo’ Mama BBQ (Selmer, TN) closed
  169. Smoked Out Championship BAR•B•QUE and DeliclosedQuick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  170. Smokin D’s Pit Stop Bar-B-Que (Millington, TN)
  171. Smoky Bones BBQ closed in Memphis
  172. Smoky City Bar-B-Que
  173. Southern Pride BBQ (Olive Branch, MS)
  174. Sparky’s BBQ (Atoka, TN)
  175. Sweet Pea’s Country Grubbin’-(Wheatley, AR)
  176. Tango and Murph’s BBQ closed
  177. Taste of Empire (food truck selling Ribman’s Barbecue)
  178. Tastee Bar-B-QFull Reviewfire icon10
  179. Taylor Made (bbq food truck)
  180. The Bar-B-Q ShopQuick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  181. The Bar-B-Q Store (Whiteville, TN)closedFull Reviewfire icon10
  182. The Bar-B-Que Pit (Olive Branch, MS)closedFull Reviewfire icon10
  183. The BBQ Shack (Whole Foods)
  184. The Food Shack (rib tips)
  185. The Grille (BBQ Chicken)
  186. The Hut (Somerville, TN)
  187. The Pig (On Beale)Full Reviewfire icon10
  188. The Smokehouse BBQ (Rossville, TN)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  189. Three Little Pigs BBQFull Reviewfire icon10
  190. Tin Roof (Beale St.)
  191. Todd’s Showcase Bar-B-QclosedQuick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  192. Tom’s Bar-B-Q and DeliFull Reviewfire icon10
  193. Tommy Leonard’s BBQ (Horn Lake, MS)closedQuick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  194. Too-Sweet Famous Bar-B-Q Pig Out (roadside pit)Full Reviewfire icon10
  195. Tops BAR-B-Q (3353 Summer Ave)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  196. Tops BAR-B-Q (4183 Summer Ave)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  197. Tops BAR-B-Q (Frayser Blvd)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  198. Tops BAR-B-Q (Jackson Ave)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  199. Tops BAR-B-Q (Lamar)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  200. Tops BAR-B-Q (Marion, AR)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  201. Tops BAR-B-Q (Millington, TN)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  202. Tops BAR-B-Q (Olive Branch, MS)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  203. Tops BAR-B-Q (Poplar Ave)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  204. Tops BAR-B-Q (Rhodes Ave)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  205. Tops BAR-B-Q (Southaven, MS)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  206. Tops BAR-B-Q (Sycamore View/Macon)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  207. Tops BAR-B-Q (Thomas Ave)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  208. Tops BAR-B-Q (Union, Ave)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  209. Tops BAR-B-Q (Winchester Rd)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  210. Ty’s Smokehouse (Bartlett, TN)
  211. Up in Smoke Bar-B-Q
  212. Vaneli’s Deli (brisket on Sat) (Germantown, TN)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  213. Wellington’s Fine Bar-B-Que (food truck)
  214. Westy’s (Downtown)
  215. Wet Willie’s (Beale St.)
  216. Whole Hog Café (Germantown Pkwy)closedQuick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  217. Whole Hog Café (Quince Rd)closedQuick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  218. William’s BBQ (West Memphis, AR)Full Reviewfire icon10
  219. Willie Mae’s Rib Haus (West Memphis, AR)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  220. Willingham’s Bar-B-Q (concession)
  221. Willingham’s Bar-B-Q (restaurant)
  222. Wolf River BBQ (Moscow, TN)
  223. Woodstock Store & Deli (Millington, TN)
  224. Yancey’s (bbq concession)Full Reviewfire icon10
  225. Yank’s BBQ (Blytheville, AR)

    BBQ Travels Beyond the Memphis Tri-State Area

    Alabama (7)

  226. Big Bob Gibson’s Bar-B-Q-(Decatur, AL)
  227. Buttahatchie BBQ-(Hamilton, AL)
  228. Deerman’s BBQ Hickory Pit-(Birmingham, AL)
  229. Dobbs BBQ-(Dothan, AL)
  230. Dreamland Bar-B-Q-(Montgomery, AL)
  231. Dreamland Bar-B-Q-(Huntsville, AL
  232. Sonny’s BBQ (AL)
    Arkansas (9)
  233. Brown’s Country Store and Restaurant-(Benton, AR)
  234. McClard’s Bar-B-Q-(Hot Springs, AR)
  235. Nick’s Bar-B-Q and Catfish-(Carlisle, AR)
  236. Real Deal BBQ (Heber Springs, AR)
  237. Smokin’ In Style BBQ (Hot Springs, AR)
  238. Stubby’s BBQ-(Hot Springs AR)
  239. The Bar B Q Shack (Jacksonville, AR)
  240. The Rib Cage (Food Truck, Hot Springs, AR)
  241. Whole Hog Café-Airport-(Little Rock, AR)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10   
    Florida (2)
  242. Confisco Grille (Wood-Smoked Ribs at Islands of Adventure, Orlando, FL)
  243. Emeril’s Tchoup Chop (Kiawe-Smoked Pork Ribs-Orlando, FL)
    Georgia (1)
  244. The Wicked Pig (Clayton, GA)
    Illinois (1)
  245. 17th Street Bar and Grill-(O’Fallon, IL)
    Louisiana (1)
  246. Voodoo BBQ-(Hammond, LA)
    Missouri (5)
  247. Bandana’s BBQ-(St. Louis, MO)
  248. Danna’s Bar-B-Que and Burger Shop (Branson, MO)
  249. Famous Dave’s BBQ-(Branson, MO)
  250. Outback Pub (Branson, MO)
  251. Rib Crib (Branson, MO)
    Mississippi-Beyond Memphis Tri-State Area (3)
  252. The Shed (Ocean Springs, MS)Quick-Fire Guidefire icon10
  253. Tony’s BBQ-(West Point/Starkville, MS)
  254. Ubon’s Restaurant (Yazoo City, MS)
    Tennessee-Beyond West Tennessee Region (4)
  255. Famous Dave’s BBQ-Franklin, TN
  256. Little Billy’s BBQ (Chattanooga, TN)
  257. Martin’s BBQ (Nolensville, TN)
  258. Sugar’s Ribs (Chattanooga, TN)

    The 3 Other Major U.S. BBQ Regions-KC, The Carolinas, Texas

    Kansas City (10)

  259. Arthur Bryant’s BBQ-Kansas City, MO
  260. BB’s Lawn Side BBQ-Kansas City, MO
  261. Fiorella’s Jack Stack BBQ-Overland Park, KS
  262. Gate’s Bar-B-Q-Kansas City, MO
  263. Hayward’s Pit BBQ-Overland Park, KS
  264. LC’s BBQ-Kansas City, MO
  265. Smokehouse BBQ-Independence, MO
  266. Three Little Pigs BBQ-Kansas City, MO
  267. Wood-Yard BBQ-Kansas City, KS
  268. Zarda’s BBQ-Blue Springs, MO
    North Carolina (6)
  269. Allen & Son Barbeque (Chapel Hill, NC)
  270. Cook’s BBQ (Lexington, NC)
  271. Lexington Barbecue (Lexington, NC)
  272. Skylight Inn BBQ (Ayden, NC)
  273. Smiley’s Lexington BBQ ( Lexington, NC)
  274. Wilber’s Barbecue (Goldsboro, NC)
    South Carolina (4)
  275. Belly’s Southern Pride Bar-B-Q (Lexington, SC)
  276. Captain George’s Seafood Buffet-Includes Smoked Ribs and Pork Shoulder (Myrtle Beach, SC)
  277. Scott’s BBQ (Hemingway, SC)
  278. Sticky Fingers (Myrtle Beach, SC)
    Texas (6)
  279. Big Bruce’s Bar-B-Que
  280. Black’s BBQ
  281. County Line Barbecue
  282. Kreuz’s Market
  283. Rudy’s BBQ
  284. Sonny Bryant’s BBQ

Things Smoked, Grilled or Influenced by BBQ at Restaurants, Butcher Shops and Local Grocery Stores

  1. Canale’s Grocery-(pit charcoal-smoked ham)
  2. Coletta’s Italian Restaurant (“bbq” pizza-Appling Rd. location)
  3. Coletta’s Italian Restaurant (“bbq” pizza-S. Parkway location)
  4. Coursey’s Smokehouse (wood-smoked bacon-St. Joe, AR)
  5. Hog and Hominy (oak wood-fired oven pizzas, smoked foods)
  6. Rod’s Pizza House (smoked beef pepperoni-Hot Springs, AR)
  7. The Butcher Shop (steakhouse where you can grill your own steak over charcoal)
  8. Uncle Lou’s Fried Chicken (smoked sausage at a Memphis Tiger’s game at the Liberty Bowl)
  9. Weldon’s Meat Market-(Hot Springs, AR-wood-smoked ham)

Mexican Grilling

For information about my travels to Mexico, check out my Mexican Grilling page to view photos and articles about trips to taquerias, tortillarias, tortarias, paleterias, mariscos, street food, beach food, and even carne asadas and pescados at the homes of my wife’s family in La Paz, Los Barriles, Acapulco and Mexico City. As I’m able to develop content for that page, you’ll read about banana leaf-wrapped chicken tamales sold right through a kitchen window from a home in Acapulco, cochinita pibil delivered by a postman, potato tacos sold from an old lady in a dark night club alley at three in the morning, cactus tacos, cow’s head meat tacos, fish eyes, baby shark ceviche on a beach, smoked tuna machaca, sun dried beef machaca, Mexican style bacon-wrapped hotdogs sold on the sidewalk in front of the cook’s home and much more. Continue to follow as I add content and feel free to drop me a request if you would like to read about something sooner. Tim


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8 Responses to BBQ Guide

  1. Michael Kurasinski

    Hi Tim Nice job on your reviews. What a jobhuh Eat BBQ all the time. 2 things If you get up to Sturbridge Mass look-up BT’s BBQ. Excellent place. Also my wife and I operate Jammed 4 Thyme food truck here in Connecticut and we are happy to announce we will be serving up BBQ this year. Wish us luck.

    • Tim Shirley

      Michael, I checked out your site. I really like that you guys are serving potato pancakes for breakfast! Haven’t had those since my mom made them for us growing up here in TN. I kind of forgot about ’em. Just reading that on your menu has inspired me to cook some in honor of my mother, who passed this last October. Thanks for that. As far as your bbq, if you read through my reviews, you’ll discover many tidbits about barbecuing from what I’ve learned studying bbq on my journeys, from techniques, to understanding the essence of real pit bbq and how to enjoy it. This year I plan to start filming how-to videos. Stay tuned and take care Jammed 4 Thyme!

  2. Thomas O'Brien

    Hey Tim,
    Where are you my friend? I check in often only to find no new post.
    You started this great blog and got us all interested and now you’ve disappeared.
    I am sure writing a blog is time consuming and a hassle but we would sure like to hear more from you.
    I am interested in a place “Wellington’s Fine Barbecue.” They are located at 4909 Shelby Dr. at Lamar. They operate out of a small trailer and have received some good reviews on Yelp.
    I have yet to make the trek but I hope to soon. Just planting a seed for you but if I make it there before you I will post my findings.
    I hope all is well and hoping you will post again soon.
    Your blog friend,

    • Tim Shirley

      Thanks Thomas. I recently returned from vacation to New York City and have also been spending some time perfecting my own barbecue. I have to keep a cutting edge in the pit. I actually did recently post an article about Memphis Barbecue Co. If you haven’t read it, I would love to hear your feedback once you check it out. Thanks for the tip about Wellington’s. I have also been busy checking out new bbq spots. Notice that my bbq list has grown a little. Mostly, I’ve been focusing on bbq food trucks lately. I’m about to post several of my Quick-Fire Guides as well. I still plan to make it out to the grocery store in Millington soon. Keep in touch bbq brother.

  3. Martee Rule

    Hey this is a great service! Does anybody in Memphis use or know about White BBQ sauce? We make 6 flavors most are based on our Original Anything Sauce-love to hear your opinion, and let more folks know about us!

    • Tim Shirley

      White bbq sauce is uncommon here and I dare say most Memphians aren’t familiar with the mayo based bbq sauce from northern Alabama. I had it with bbq chicken at Big Bob Gipson’s in Decatur, Al. I’ve also made my own, which turned out really good, if I do say so myself. I do know of a place to get it here. Baby Jack’s BBQ in Bartlett, TN (a suburban town in the Memphis metro area) is owned by a guy from AL. They offer a white bbq sauce, which pairs perfectly with their barbecue poultry of course. I did a brief summer internship at Hog and Hominy in Memphis, at that time they served fantastic tamales with “bama sauce.” Eventually, articles will be posted for all of the places I’ve experienced, including the three I mentioned here. Keep checking back for new reviews and photos. ciao

  4. Kenny Whiting

    Hey Tim, wow I am glad to see you are doing good for yourself!! You definitely have my dream passion!! I have ALWAYS loved trying EVETYBODIES BBQ along the roads of our great nation as I have traveled around!! As I am sure you have seen I have made my home in Michigan to be close to my mother! But I still try every BBQ stand or restaurant as I come across them or am informed of them!! I would love to hook up with you sometime and go on a Memphis tour (live) of some of your favorite BBQ. Eats!!! I have one place here in Battle Creek that I have become Great fiends withheld owner (have done a considerable amount of work on his restaurants ) but he hard simply amazed me with his “down home style bbq ” ad well ad his COMPLETELY HEAVENLY greens!!…Hit me up when you can and legs catch up!! Sincerely, Kenny Whiting…phone #269-579-2722

    • Tim Shirley

      Good to hear from you Kenny. It’s been a few years. If you ever decide to swing through Memphis, contact me. I’m always down for some ‘que. What’s the name of that bbq joint in Battle Creek?

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